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    Product Questions

    • What is the TXMSPOT Massage Gun?
      The TXMSPOT Massage Gun is a professional grade percussive therapy device ideal to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists and anyone else who suffer from injuries or muscle aches.And it with one key programming function, personalized customization.
      Made for professional and personal use, the TXMSPOT Massage Gun is a sure investment towards your body, to be implemented in your daily recovery routine.
      The muscular fascia massage rehabilitation therapy instrument taps, massages, squeezes, and penetrates into the deepest part of the muscular fascia with a high-frequency physical impact of 5-12mm depth. Quickly relieve lactic acid backlog, muscle pain and fatigue, and quickly restore the vitality of human muscle groups. Regular use can promote blood circulation, reduce fat, slim, shape and enhance joint flexibility. We advocate that the muscles should be maximally relaxed after each exercise. Love to exercise and fall in love with TXMSPOT Massage Gun.
    • What is the principle of Percussion Therapy?
      To understand the principles of shock therapy, we first need to figure out two things.
      First, what is the role of the fascia?
      Second, why the muscles are uncomfortable after exercise?
      1. Studies at Ulm University have shown that the fascia can actively contract due to the presence of smooth muscle-like fibroblasts so that the main role of the fascia in the muscles is to reduce the friction between different muscle tissues and help them better. 
      2. During exercise, the muscles are innervated, and sometimes the muscles can relax after exercise, but the nerves are still in an excited state, which may cause the muscles to continue to be tense and stiff. In addition, in some high-intensity exercise or long-term maintenance of a posture fatigue, muscles and fascia may have minor damage, which will cause tension changes inside the tissue.
      So the principle of Percussion Therapy is that percussion therapy enhances blood flow and muscle fibers through rapid bursts of pressure.
      ●Relieves soreness and tension
      ●Enhances muscle contractions
      ●Increases range of motion
      ●Improves muscle function
    • How do I use my TXMSPOT Massage Gun?
      Here's some basic best practices to get the most out of your TXMSPOT Massage Gun, whether you're treating yourself or others.
      Before turning on the power switch, select the appropriate massage head according to the needs of the massage part. The device is equipped with various massage heads for different parts of the human body. 
      Then turn on the power toggle switch at the bottom of the product and press <+> key to start the device running. Press <-> key to reduce the press force and <+> key to increase the massage force, which can increase the massage force in a circular way.Press  key to select the intelligent program, and then press  key to exit the intelligent massage program. When not in use for a long time, please turn the bottom power toggle switch to the right to turn off the device power. All usage method refer to instruction.
    • How long should I use my TXMSPOT Massage Gun?
      Depending on the desired result, we recommend using your TXMSPOT Massage Gun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day.
      Reactivate muscles during your workout or any activity by using your TXMSPOT Massage Gun for 10-15 seconds on the muscle group. This will re-energize, relieve muscle spasms and fatigue, and keep muscles active.
      Prior to workouts or physical activity, float your TXMSPOT Massage Gun for up to 30 seconds to instantly activate and "wake up" your muscles.
      Float your TXMSPOT Massage Gun for up to 2 minutes for muscle recovery post-workout to decrease soreness, and on any muscles that require immediate pain relief.
    • Can I travel with my TXMSPOT Massage Gun?
      When traveling with your TXMSPOT Massage Gun, Lithium-ion batteries must be stored in carry-on baggage only. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate, all Lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.
      In addition, our products are light and small, and will not increase the burden of your travel.
    • What makes TXMSPOT Massage Gun different than other products on the market?
      1. AI Smart Chip,One-key programming,Excellent performance.
      2. 24-speed smart touch LCD screen.
      3. Timed massage.
      4. Super quiet high speed brushless motor.
      5. Large capacity battery,Long battery life.
      6. 6 professional massage heads.
      7. Cyclone cooling.
    • Can the TXMSPOT Massage Gun be shipped to my country?
      Our company's products are currently only sent to the United States,United Kingdom,Europe,Canada,Australia,Russia,Japan,Korea,Mexico,Brazil,Chile,Argentina,Israel,Romania,Saudi Arabia,Singapore,Philippines,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,Hong Kong,TaiWan.
      However, with the adjustment of the company's strategy in the later stage, we hope that more and more people can use our products and feel the pleasure of relaxing their muscles completely.

    Delivery Questions

    • Do you ship internationally?
      At this time, TXMSPOT does not ship to international locations other than U.S. Territories and Military APO/FPO addresses.
    • How long will it take for my order to ship?
      Thanks for your interest and purchase of our products. 
      Processing Time after order recieved: 1-3 days; 
      Shipping methods are depending on countries.
      FBA Shipping - Arrives in 1-2 days after parcel ships out.At present, it only supports the United States.
      DHL Express Shipping - Shipped by air, arrives in 7-10 days after parcel ships out. Customer are responsible for customs clearance and tariff payments where applicable.
      Dedicated Line Shipping - Shipped by air, arrives 15-20 days after parcel ships out. Customs clearance and tariff payments will be paid by TXMSPOT. It's slower than usual because there's shipping disruption due to coronavirus. When your order is ready for shipment, you'll receive email notifications with tracking and delivery updates. Reach out to if you have any questions about your order.
    • Can I track my order?
      Yes. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number that allows you to track your package.
      You may also track your package and find order history by clicking the "Track Order" icon at the end of our page or by logging into your account using your email address and password. There you can check order status and track shipping simply by clicking on an Order Number. 
    • I provided the wrong address on my order, what do I do now?
      Relax, everything is going to be fine. If you just placed your order, please email us and we’ll correct your address. If it’s been more than 12 hours, it’s possible that your order may have already shipped. 
      Again, relax, things are going to be just fine. Contact contact or chat with our online services to modify your address.
    • What forms of payment are accepted to purchase a TXMSPOT Massage Gun?
      We accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB. Later, we will develop more payment channels.

    Return and Refunds

    • Is there a warranty?
      Yes. All of our products are guaranteed with the manufacturer warranty.The term is one year.
    • Do you accept returns?
      Yes we do. Most of our products have a no questions asked return policy as long as there is no damage. For product specifics, please view the product page for those policies. You can also view our Return Policy page for more information.
    • What if I want to cancel an order?
      If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us within 10 hours after order placed. Please note that any orders that have already been packed or shipped cannot be modified or canceled.
    • What if my product is damaged?
      Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrive damaged, please send photos to and we will deal with it immediately.