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    Why TXMSPOT ?

    Product upgrade, high-end fascia gun products with similar appearance are priced far more than ours

    The smart chip one-key programming system (program massage position and time) owned by our company’s products is unique on the market

    Product battery and motor performance is better than most fascia guns on the market, 24-speed smart LCD touch screen, ultra-quiet and high-brightness brushless motor

    With AMAZON overseas warehouse delivery and China Post U.S. overseas warehouse channels, fast delivery, good customer buying experience

    The product's hand grip is combined with silica gel and ABC, non-slip, triangular and stable handle design, engineering mechanics principle, more convenient to use

    The muscular fascia massage rehabilitation therapy instrument taps, massages,squeezes and penetrates into the deepest part of the muscular fascia with a high frequency physical impact of 5-12mm depth.Quickly relieve lactic acid backlog, muscle pain and fatigue, and quickly restore the vitality of human muscle groups. Regular use can promote blood circulation, reduce fat, slim, shape and enhance joint flexibility. 

    Appearance design:Triangle is suitable for the principle of ergonomics, with the handle design, prevent the long-term strength when high speed offset or vibration cause sore arm muscle mass or, before and after the design of the double handle also suitable for human body front and back massage: apply human back muscles after a massage joystick before is applicable to the front of the human body muscle massage. 

    Circuit design:Comply with EU ERP energy efficiency standards.Low power consumption.The device automatically shuts down after a few minutes when not in use, which improves the safety of users who forget to turn off the power. 

    Program design:According to different countries, regions, people and users' habits, embedding a variety of intelligent massage programs for choice: user quick use program, custom program, intelligent program, personalized private editor program, target time program.

    Massage time design:10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes massage time choice.

    Massage(gear) Strength design:3 levels of massage intensity, 6 levels of massage intensity, 18 levels of massage intensity, 24 levels of massage intensity;The user can choose the right massage position to massage the muscles of the body.

    American FCC authority certification

    FCC certification involves more than 50 states in the United States, Colombia and the regions of the United States. In order to ensure the safety of radio and wire communication products related to life and property, the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology is responsible for the technical support of the committee.  Responsible for equipment approval.  Many radio application products, communication products and digital products require FCC approval to enter the US market.  The FCC committee investigates and studies the various stages of product safety to find the best way to solve the problem. At the same time, the FCC also includes the testing of radio devices and aircraft.  According to the relevant parts of the United States Federal Communications Regulations (CFR Part 47), all electronic products entering the United States need to be certified for electromagnetic compatibility (except for products specifically specified in the relevant provisions). Among them, there are three more common certification methods: Certification,  DoC, Verification.  The certification methods and procedures of these three products are quite different, and the certification methods that can be selected for different products have related regulations in the FCC.  The strictness of its certification is decreasing.  For these three certifications, the FCC committee also has related requirements for each laboratory.