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    TXMSPOT story

    The story of TXMSPOT

    Tim Roct, co-founder of TXMSPOT


    Healthier body and better life. Like me, more and more people like sports and fitness. This hobby not only makes us live a better life, but also makes our body full of charm.

    However, everything has two aspects. Exercise sequelae such as soreness and muscle stiffness often become obstacles that prevent us from focusing on exercise.


    Outside of work, I am a fitness expert. I like sports, such as running, playing basketball, climbing, skiing, etc. Most importantly, I go to the gym every week. This gave me a proud body and filled me with confidence and vitality.


    A surprising idea always comes from our own experience, perhaps from trouble. For a long time before TXMSOPT was created for some reason, I suddenly found that after every exercise, my muscles would feel sore or stiff, especially after high-intensity long-distance running. This soreness or stiffness may become more severe, and it usually takes a full day to fully recover. I realized that as I get older, the efficiency of body function recovery begins to decline. I mean, although this is not a very serious problem, it does make me feel very uncomfortable. This feeling gradually made me afraid of exercise and reduced the amount of exercise. For a person who is addicted to sports, a life without sports made me gradually experience some changes, such as weight gain, lethargy and laziness. This is disturbing.


    I am determined to overcome the sequelae of fitness and look forward to finding a way to overcome the pain. You know, when a person is determined to do a good thing, your attention will be focused on that thing, and good luck comes with it.

    By accident, I found a dashboard gun with a plug-in in the gym and brought it back to me. I asked my personal trainer to use this gun to relax me and found that the pain eased. This feeling is very good.


    In 2017, I decided to quit my job and established TXMSOPT with a few friends who were interested in my ideas.


    Soon, we formed a team and conducted many investigations. During this period, we gathered many fitness experts to start developing massage guns. One year later, we have made many attempts on more than 30 kinds of molds, and conducted continuous exploration and research. Many experiments have been conducted on circuits, batteries, massage procedures and noise. It is worth mentioning that in order to consider the ergonomic principles in the design of the grip module, we tried a variety of solutions, and finally adopted a triangular and stable handle design to prevent deflection or vibration of the arms and legs. Long-term high-speed operation. Numbness or pain in the area. In order to facilitate the massage of multiple parts, we adopted the original design of front and rear double handles. In this way, you can massage the front and back easily.


    After three years of hard work, the first massage gun product was finally successfully released in 2020.


    This product combines many advantages of similar excellent brands on the market and improves many disadvantages of similar products. Once the product was launched, it quickly gained unanimous praise from fitness enthusiasts. At the same time, the product successfully passed FCC certification in the United States and applied for patented technology in the United States.


    I like sports, now I will improve my sports condition, and I am also a beneficiary of this massage gun. I hope that thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who use TXMSPOT products will like sports and fitness, and enjoy the fun of sports.


    TXMSPOT always insists on technological innovation, insists on high-end, fashion, best cost performance, and strives to provide users with a better experience. Creating better social value has always been our pursuit. We have been working hard to improve your life and will be your good partner on your fitness journey.

    TXMSPOT Co-founder: Tim Rock

    Core Founder Team:

    Bingfeng Xiang  (CEO)

    YI Wang   (CTO)

    BoYuan Li  (CUO)

    Jiang Chen  (CFO)

    List of team members:


    Director of operations

    Good at online new media operation, responsible for the promotion of independent websites and the community marketing of web celebrity KOL

    2.Fan Xue

    The product design

    Responsible for product design and presentation in the team, mainly sketch, modeling, rendering, good at 3D software application.


    Technology development

    Good at circuit analysis and design, responsible for product development.

    List of advisors;

    1. TuHaiQiang

    Associate Professor and Master Supervisor of School of International Education, Wenzhou University. He received his PhD degree in Linguistics from Sichuan University. He once visited the Institute of Linguistics, Taiwan University and traveled to Europe and America, which broadened his academic vision.

    2. Lee mast

    Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, School of Civil Engineering, Wenzhou University, winner of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Provincial Fund, has published more than 20 SCI papers and granted 3 patents.

    Company Information

    Company Name: Wenzhou Tangmei Trading Co., Ltd

    Phone Number: +(86)0577-86795228


    Company Address: Room 607 -1, Building 6, Qinyin, Nanpu Residential Area, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City