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    The muscular fascia massage rehabilitation therapy instrument taps, massages,squeeses and penetrates into the deepest part of the muscular fascia with a high frequency physical impact of 5-12mm depth.Quickly relieve lactic acid backlog, muscle pain and fatigue, and quickly restore the vitality of human muscle groups. Regular use can promote blood circulation, reduce fat, slim, shape and enhance joint flexibility.

    Display & Button function

    Power light

    The red LED light is the power indicator. When the red light is on, the power supply of the equipment is normal.

    Electricity light

    4 green LED lights are power indicator, indicating the current power from left to right: 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. When only 1 red LED and 1 green LED are displayed, the power is lower than 40%, and it needs to be charged before use.


    The massage time is displayed during operation. After pressing < + >, the time is displayed as countdown. When the countdown is zero, the device stops working.Long press < -> for more than 3 seconds on power and standby. The time window displays 3 times: 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Short press < -> to select the time respectively.

    Level display 

    Displays the intensity of the current massage.There are 4 choices: 1-3 levels of massage intensity, 1-6 levels of massage intensity, 1-18 levels of massage intensity, 1-24 levels of massage intensity. The selection method is: in the state of power on standby, long press < A > key for more than 3 seconds, strength display window display according to the intensity selection, short press < A > key to select 3, 6, 18, 24 levels respectively.

    program A key 

    Press < A > key to enter the intelligent program operation mode, in the intelligent program mode, press < + > or < -> key to fail, press < A > key again to exit the intelligent program mode. In the standby state, long press < A > key to enter the massage intensity selection, short press < A > key to select. 

    START&UP Key 

    After power on, press < + > key, the device starts to run, then press < + > key to enhance the massage intensity, long press fast step by step massage intensity. 

    STOP/DOWN Key 

    After the device is in operation, press < -> button to weaken the massage strength, and long press fast to decrease the massage strength until the device stops.In poweron standby mode, long press

    < -> for more than 3 seconds, then enter the inroom selection mode, and short press to select