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    Should I Stretch After My Workout?
    12.03.2020 | txmspot | Should I Stretch After My Workout?
    The benefits of stretching after a workout are well established.

    But when you’re running out of time before you have to get back to the office or back home, then simply it can be tempting to simply skip the stretches that you know are good for you.

    Stretching doesn’t have to be time consuming, but in case you’re still debating whether there’s a need for it because you have a friend who apparently never stretches after working out, even on leg days, then read on.

    Greater Range of Motion

    Stretching can make your joints bend better. Seriously. Having great flexibility allows you to move around with more confidence because everything is more fluid.

    This greater flexibility means that you could move a joint in its normal direction significantly further, and this translates into a more confident manner of navigating the space that you’re in everyday.

    Less Back Pain

    Not stretching after working out can lead to tight, tense muscles. This in turn leads to bad posture, which then puts extra pressure and strain on your muscles. Thus begins a vicious cycle which produces back pains and other serious discomforts.

    Combining strength training with stretching can improve your posture and foster better alignment of your joints.

    The long-term benefits of stretching after as workout are many, but the most convincing one is probably being able to lead a pain-free life.

    Lower Stress

    Stress is a common part of every day life. Stress is the physiological reaction to the underlying feeling that are life is somehow threatened.

    In the wild, this means that we would fight or run for our lives. Either way, stress is alleviated through physical action.

    In modern society, we tend to remain stationary while the stress builds, with no way of releasing the tension because of our sedentary lifestyles.

    While exercising does burn up physical energy, it can also cause our muscles to tense up, which doesn’t help with stress. That’s where stretching comes in.

    In other words, if you don’t stretch after working out, you may actually be making yourself more stressed!

    There are tons of other reasons for why you should stretch after a workout, but if you’re still not convinced, then we have the perfect solution for you:

    Get a massage gun!

    Seriously, you can get away with skipping stretching after working out a couple of times if you relax your muscles with the massage gun - especially if you’ve got sore spots that doesn’t seem to ever relax.

    If not, then set aside at least 5-15 minutes for a quick stretch after each work out.

    Be kind to yourself!

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